folding table S 1196/1
folding table S 1196/1

S 1196/1

folding tableDesignThonet Design Team, 2019

A folding table with clear, reserved aesthetics and high quality

A lightweight folding table that does not reveal this practical characteristic at first glance. It has clear, minimalist aesthetics and a high quality in its materials and processing. It is mainly used in the training and seminar segments, but it is also suitable for flexible solutions in conferencing and meeting rooms. Thanks to small rollers and a pair of legs, it can be quickly and easily set up by one person. Adjustable gliders in the second pair of legs allow the table to be optimally aligned. Its special features include the large amount of leg room due to the table legs being positioned at the ends of the tabletop, easy assembly and disassembly via a simple, stable folding mechanism and the space-saving storage, since the tables can be perfectly stacked horizontally or vertically with minimum space required when folded up. Matching carts with a push bracket are available for transport.

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A good piece of furniture lives from its versatility. That is why we rely on functional designs that can be used in a variety of application concepts - see for yourself.

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Thonet Design Team

Thonet Design Team

Following the tradition and philosophy of Michael Thonet, Thonet in Frankenberg develops products via a careful and innovative design process. Unmistakable and successful products are created by a team of designers, product developers, engineers, and craftsmen with the highest level of craftsmanship. The Thonet design stands for comfortable, timeless and modern furniture. The development focuses on the durability of the products. Therefore, the intelligent selection of materials and efficient use of resource-saving technologies as well as the functionality and aesthetics of the products process at Thonet are part of a solution-oriented and production-appropriate design process.

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Media database
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Thonet furniture can be found wherever people meet - at home, in waiting areas and lounges, in offices or in a café. Discover the variety and be inspired by our references.

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