The spirit of New Work is togetherness

New Work for 200 years

For us, the office is not a nine-to-five workplace, but a platform for interaction. We don't need a fixed space to work in, but a place of inspiration where we can come together to share knowledge and ideas. What used to be the coffee house is now the office – the perfect environment for communicative togetherness.

New Work

Thanks to smartphones, laptops and the like, we are no longer tied to a fixed workplace. The home office will remain an important component of New Work, but it will not replace the office as a place of personal interaction. Create a space where people love to come together. 

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Our surroundings shape our thoughts and well-being.

The office is a meeting point, a place to connect with our colleagues and a symbol of our appreciation. Personal interaction increases our work efficiency by 32 percent.

New Work
New Work
New Work

It's all about communication

Communication motivates, inspires and leads us to action. Around 80 percent of truly innovative ideas are created through interaction. Create a space where people come together.

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Meeting & more: S 64 VDR, 1500
Silent communication: 808, 808 H, 809, 1809
Café & coworking: 214, 209, 118, 118 H, 1818
Communication: S 32 VH, S 43 H, 1510


New Work

“Thonet furniture can be found wherever people meet, where they exchange ideas, take a quick break or engage in mobile working.”

Philipp Thonet, 5th generation of the Thonet family


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