New Work for 200 years

New Work
for 200 years

The world of work is changing. And with it, our workplaces. For us, New Work is more than just a trend. It is part of our company’s DNA.

Digitalisation and globalisation demand new concepts. Future worlds of work need to adapt to what we need. They have to create space for visions and creativity, and room for communication and collaboration.

of employees see their workplace as a symbol of how much they are appreciated.

New Work for 200 yearsA face-to-face chat is 34% more effective than e-mail.
New Work for 200 yearsUsers highly value flexibility at the workplace.

Coffee. Communication.

The office of tomorrow is yesterday’s coffee house: a place for community and communication. Like a café.

of employees expect collaborative office spaces to become the norm in future.

New Work for 200 years

From the coffee house into the world.

Something that was invented more than 200 years ago has never been as current. The coffee house was and remains a social meeting place, where people gather to talk, laugh and work. It’s where the ideas and visions behind big projects are created. In the era of New Work, coffee houses have an ever greater role to play in the business world. After all, offices are the new coffee houses.

of employees firmly believe that their sense of well-being at work affects their productivity.

New Work for 200 yearsPersonal communication demands privacy.
New Work for 200 yearsRegular interaction within a team raises productivity by up to 20%.

It's all about communication.

“Thonet furniture can be found wherever people meet, where they exchange ideas, take a quick break or engage in mobile working.”
Philipp Thonet, 5th generation of the Thonet family

New Work for 200 years
Offices are the new coffee houses.

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