Minimalist living in a Vagabundo tiny house

Minimalist living in a Vagabundo tiny house

Michi, Luca and Andi are the founders of Vagabundo, a tiny house company. Together, they have developed the Vagabundo Flex, the first two-storey tiny house. In our interview they told us what a minimalist life looks like for them and why they chose Thonet furniture for their show house.

Tell us a little about yourselves!

Luca Knipp is the creative force on our team and has a Master of Arts in architecture. He’s also the recipient of a German University Prize, a van life pioneer and a passionate camping vagabond.

Michael Leitner is an industrial engineer and project management expert as well as a dog lover, amateur mechanic and motorcycle vagabond.

Andreas Müllner is also an industrial engineer and is in charge of marketing and finance. He loves photography and mountaineering, and considers himself a surf vagabond.

We met while we were all studying in Munich. The thing we always had in common was our interest in alternative lifestyles and the desire to really experience freedom in all of its facets. So, really, it made sense for us to start thinking about a type of housing that would give us that type of freedom.

How did you come up with the idea of developing a tiny house with two storeys? What was your inspiration?

Our goal was to take the tiny house model that already existed and to re-imagine it as an emancipated architectural idea. The Vagabundo Flex allows us to combine comfortable living and functionality in the tiniest of spaces. It’s a real solution to people’s constantly changing needs. For us, it was important to create something that provides added value for society.

What does sustainability mean for you in terms of living spaces?

Creating living space is always a resource-intensive undertaking. Even when building tiny houses, you still need to use resources. That is why quality and durability are essential. What makes something really sustainable is if it can be passed down from one generation to the next and if it can be adapted to changing life situations. And comfort is crucial.

Minimalist living in a Vagabundo tiny house
Minimalist living in a Vagabundo tiny house
Minimalist living in a Vagabundo tiny house

Where did you first encounter Thonet furniture and why did you choose our products for your show house?

Thonet has always been synonymous with quality and durability. It is a company in our region with a long tradition and the furniture complements our houses perfectly. Thonet products and the Vagabundo tiny houses are both designed to be used over generations; they have that in common.

Where can people visit your show house?

Our show house is currently located in Munich’s English Garden and you can make an appointment to view it by visiting our website

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Minimalist living in a Vagabundo tiny house



Minimalist living in a Vagabundo tiny house

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