Johannisberg monastery


Church-nave conference facilities: Thonet chairs feature in Johannisberg monastery

Germany’s Rheingau region is known for its rolling vineyards and picturesque villages on the banks of the Rhine, which attract tourists from Germany and beyond. Many historical monuments in this region are now used for cultural events or have been converted into upmarket hotels and restaurants. Johannisberg, a former Benedictine monastery close to the town of Geisenheim, is no exception. It has been transformed into a conference centre and event venue with guest accommodation and dining options as well as spaces for musical performances and art exhibitions. The extensive remodel has preserved the monastery’s spacious feel, sublime beauty and sense of peace. Thanks to the combination of contemporary interior design and historical ambiance, the monastery has become a distinctive event space, which is also available for private parties and celebrations.


Kloster Johannisberg
Kloster Johannisberg
Kloster Johannisberg

Conferences and events can be held in the large church nave, the small church or in two conference rooms of different sizes. The small church is a charming setting, perfect for lectures, seminars, chamber music concerts or elegant dinners for small groups. For larger events or banquets, it can be combined with the large nave – this imposing, once-sacred space measures almost 300 square metres and can seat up to 220 for events and celebrations. The exceptional acoustics also make it an ideal venue for concerts and cultural events. The vibrant colours of the stained-glass windows in both church spaces strike a contemporary contrast with the gleaming white walls and ceilings and light-coloured wood parquet flooring. Thonet’s S 166 F chair is the seating choice in the large and the small church as well as in the two conference rooms. The chairs combine comfort with style and can also display row and seat numbers. They can be tightly stacked (up to 17 chairs) and feature a special linking technology, which is a space-saving way to connect the chairs safely and easily without tools (Thonet patent). The chair frames are powder-coated in matte black and the beech wood seats are stained black. Depending on the type of event being hosted, black seat cushions or white, floor-length coverings can be placed on the chairs.

Kloster Johannisberg
Koster Johannisberg
Kloster Johannisberg

The large church is flanked by the cloister with its tastefully landscaped inner courtyard, which can be used for a variety of functions – as a reception or lounge area or as a dining location. For this space, the owner requested comfortable seating that could be used for eating at the bistro tables as well as to provide a relaxing space for guests to sit. Thonet’s light, comfortable 119 MF lounge chairs with armrests fit the bill perfectly, in an elegant shade of seashell grey that has been specially colour-matched to the grey tone of the cloister’s dolomite stone floor. Greige seat cushions adorn the matte stained beech wood chairs with moulded plywood seats, whose design by Sebastian Herkner is based on the iconic Thonet bentwood chair.

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