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Thonet 118 F chair is main protagonist in Massimo Bottura’s new Al Gatto Verde restaurant

In the heart of the Italian countryside, the new Al Gatto Verde restaurant opened its doors on 20 September of this year. The establishment is located in the outskirts of Modena in the grounds of Casa Maria Luigia, the hotel run by Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura and his wife Lara Gilmore.

Surrounded by vineyards and huge oak trees, Al Gatto Verde stands next to the Acetaia Maria Luigia, the vinegar cellar which today houses 1400 balsamic vinegar barrels dating from 1910 to 1980, alongside contemporary works of art. The old stables of the Acetaia have been renovated and transformed into the restaurant’s kitchen and dining space, using materials that are in keeping with the surrounding landscape such as wood, raffia, stone in a range of different grey hues, and hay. Green is the dominant shade in the new restaurant’s colour scheme, giving the premises real character while also creating a calm oasis where guests can enjoy good food and good company.

Thonet, Al Gatto Verde
Thonet, Al Gatto Verde
Thonet, Al Gatto Verde

Unsurprisingly, the Thonet 118 F chairs – designed by Sebastian Herkner – feature in olive green, the colour option that proved to be the perfect solution for the restaurant. The 118 F is a minimalist and authentic piece, but is also the epitome of elegance and fine workmanship, and exceptionally comfortable, an essential quality for relaxed get-togethers over dinner.

The armrests – made of bentwood – have a slightly curved upper surface for a very pleasant feel and relaxing effect. In addition to providing a comfortable support, they convey a sense of security and protection. The angle of the backrest has been perfectly adapted to the seat, ensuring maximum comfort. This collection is a nod to Thonet’s diverse heritage and an evolution of company founder Michael Thonet’s original idea of minimising the number of components in a chair without having to sacrifice a clean form and refined details. The shape of the chair legs is another particular feature. They are rounded at the back with straight edges at the front, picking up the horseshoe shape of the seat. 

According to Norbert Ruf, creative director and CEO of Thonet, “The 118 model with armrests represents the natural evolution of a popular series that very quickly established itself on the market”.


Courtesy of Al Gatto Verde

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