Spaces to concentrate

Spaces to concentrate

Our work has become much more mobile – classic individual offices and open-plan spaces have been joined by working from home.

We have the right solutions for focussed work in the office: comfortable, functional armchairs and sofas on which to relax when making a phone call or working on a laptop. Our upholstered furniture is always a fitting addition to a classic office, as well as to hotel lounges, coworking spaces and home offices.

Spaces to concentrate

In residential settings, our compact secretaires desks fit into even the smallest corners in a bedroom, living room or hallway. They provide an area for focused work as well as storage space for digital devices and work materials. Our dining tables are timeless, versatile pieces that can easily be turned into a workstation at home. Thonet’s iconic tubular steel cantilever chairs, bentwood classics or any of our modern seating options are both stylish and ergonomic and can be used anywhere – at the dining table or at a desk.

Spaces to concentrate
Spaces to concentrate
Spaces to concentrate


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