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The coffee house is an intrinsic part of our history. Thonet’s classic bentwood chairs began their story in Vienna and quickly took their victory lap around the world. They have remained a perfect, timeless seating choice with cultural added value for restaurants and cafés.

Our cantilever chairs from the Bauhaus era offer an elegant option for fine dining and retain their value over time. Comfortable and inviting, our seating choices create rooms that people want to linger in and spend time together socialising. It all comes down to our DNA.

Spaces to gather

Thonet’s stools, barstools and chairs are also an excellent option for office break rooms, canteens or home kitchens. Lightweight and versatile, they can easily be moved from one room to another and work very well aesthetically whether on their own or in groups.

Versatile table models complement our seating options. Our armchairs, sofas and side tables add a touch of elegance to hotel lobbies and lounges, public waiting areas and modern working spaces. Thonet furniture was made to create convivial settings.

Spaces to gather
Spaces to gather
Spaces to gather


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