Thonet. Defining spaces

Thonet furniture defines spaces. It is timeless, durable and part of our daily lives. The history of modern design started with Thonet and for us this heritage serves as both confirmation of the past and motivation for the future.

Our products embody our values. We use resources carefully during our manufacturing processes. Simply put, Thonet furniture is well designed. Its timeless style and exemplary manufacturing quality mean that every piece stands the test of time. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are consummate. Our furniture provides space for individuality to shine through. It makes spaces stronger and more creative. It exudes warmth and friendliness without overpowering.

Our furniture puts values into practice, creating a physical piece of culture. Our tables and chairs make people feel comfortable – at work, in restaurants, in hotels and at home.

Thonet. Furniture with cultural added value

New Work, digitalisation, the need to constantly adjust and readjust: these are the phenomena that define today’s world of work. Where we work and how we work are in constant flux – and this presents a challenge.

Offices are the new coffee houses. Thonet has its roots in these spaces, where people were already gathering to talk and to work. This heritage is drawn upon to create timeless, durable design icons for how we work today, regardless of trends that come and go.

Whether working from home, in coworking spaces, in the office or lounge, in conference rooms, in canteens, cafés, restaurants or bars, in event and meeting rooms and in all the spaces in between: Thonet furniture is a reliable and inspiring companion for this new world. Manufactured to technical perfection, functional, and with the highest level of craftsmanship, our products provide precisely what modern workers need and want: a sense of security, clarity, serenity, confidence. 


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