Social sustainability

Thonet strives towards a balance between profit-oriented growth, the protection of the environment and responsible actions towards all interest groups. The company acts holistically, sustainably and with social responsibility with regard to its management, the environment, social responsibility on site and internationally, as well as the consideration of cultural heritage while observing laws and regulations.

The trust of clients, colleagues and the public decisively depends on the credibility, correct conduct and commitment of every individual. Every employee thus influences the image of Thonet and, as a consequence, how we can successfully assert our position in the market.

Stadtradeln 2021
Stadtradeln 2021


  • Compliance with Thonet Code of conduct.
  • Adherence to collective wage agreements.
  • Compliance with statutory quota for severely disabled employees.
  • Employees selected on basis of skills and with preference given to local workers.
  • 10 different apprenticeship professions.
  • Support for schools and social organisations.
  • Hiring of employees of different nationalities.
  • Employees involved in decision-making.
  • Employee training.
  • “Active with Thonet” health and training programme.
Social sustainability
Social sustainability
Social sustainability



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