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Cane work and wickerwork are natural products and are not dyed or bleached. Irregularities in the structure and colour are part of the natural material. Cane work, also called rattan, grows as a creeper in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia. It consists of individual cane fibres of varying length which are glued together. The separation of some of the fibres is unavoidable. If this happens, they can be repaired with standard glue. Please follow the care instructions which are attached to every piece of furniture. For chairs that are subject to heavy wear we have developed a new procedure whereby stable, transparent and invisible mesh is stretched underneath the cane work. This procedure is patented and is standard for the S 32 and S 64 models as well as for the bentwood classics.

Cane work


Mesh 1: S 33 N, S 34 N models

This material is colour-coated polyester mesh, which is flameresistant in compliance with DIN 4102-1, class B2. The mesh is very durable and rigid due to heat-sealed cross points. It provides a good level of resistance to UV rays and is low maintenance.

Mesh 2: S 32 / S 64 models

This material is fully dyed monofilament polyester mesh, which is tear-proof and offers a high degree of lightfastness. This material is available in black only.

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