Villa Harnischmacher


Thonet as far as the eye can see: the Bauhaus villa in Wiesbaden’s inner city designed by Marcel Breuer in 1954 is an ideal stage for the tubular steel furniture he designed for Thonet in the late 1920s – and for several current models from our portfolio. The bungalow is the last existing residential house by Breuer in Germany and considered an outstanding work of modern architecture. The family that is now living in the house had Villa Harnischfeger II renovated in close collaboration with the office for the preservation of monuments between 2011 and 2014 and chose to use numerous furniture designs by the Bauhaus architect. The clear, open and simple form of the furniture harmoniously fits in with the discretely elegant and yet highly functional layout of the house. The cantilever chairs, lamps and tables of Thonet make a special contribution to the renovated bungalow’s cosiness. The house is furnished with a total of ten different Thonet models.

Thonet as far as the eye can see: the Bauhaus villa in Wiesbaden’s inner city

Chairs: S 64 PV
Table: S 1071
Chairs: S 64 V
Desk: S 285
Lounge Chair: S 35 L
Sidetable: Set B 9
Lamp: LUM 125
Chair: S 32 V
Sidetable: B 9 a
Chairs: S 40 F
Table: S 1040

In the open, light-flooded dining area in the western part of the 275 m² bungalow, eight cantilever chairs S 64 from the “Pure Materials” collection are grouped around a long table, the wooden table S 1071 by designer Glen Oliver Löw. On the terrace, Thonet seating group suitable for outdoor use (chairs S 40, table S 1040) also encourages comfortable gatherings. Various versions of the popular side table B 9 by Marcel Breuer can also be found in the villa. The aesthetics of the tubular steel material runs through the entire house as a recurring theme: the material, in addition to the numerous chairs and tables, can be found in lamps, sideboards and side tables from the Thonet portfolio.

tubular steel classic S 32 by Marcel Breuer and B 108
Lightness, flexibility and comfort - tubular steel armchair S 35 L
Outdoor Thonet seating group S 40 on the terrace



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