Creating and designing your home office

Creating and designing your home office

The design of our home office space has grown increasingly important in recent years. But what’s actually the best way to furnish a home office for focused, creative work and regular online meetings?

Clear design for a clear mind

When choosing furniture for a home office, the combination of an uncluttered, orderly foundation, which can be achieved with the right furniture, and accent pieces, such as pictures, books and lighting, is key. The choice of colour can also have a particularly strong influence on your work: red invigorates the mind, yellow is conducive to concentration and blue is perfect for clear thinking.


In the example shown here, architect Agata Pierożyńska has furnished the space with pared-back versions of iconic classics in black and chrome. A gently curved S 64 tubular steel cantilever chair allows one to work comfortably at the S 285 desk, while a minimalist B 9 sidetable provides storage space for documents or inspirational reading. A lamp in a radiant golden yellow, red accents on book covers and a blue vase serve to stimulate all the senses.   


A place for everything

In addition to the actual furnishings of the room, it can also be a good idea to create order and structure by having a specific spot for every book, pen and notepad. Personal documents can be stored and organised in the lockable drawers of the Thonet S 285 desk, which has a discreet divider for easy document filing.


Interior designer:
Agata Pierożyńska from Habitat Wnetrza
Instagram: @habitat.wnetrza

Katarzyna Ramocka & Michał Woroniak from ZASOBY STUDIO

Product Overview

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