Thonet, Homestory Felix Kruck, Jannik Schümann

Home tour with Felix Kruck

Felix Kruck (talent management director) and his partner Jannik Schümann (actor) live in Berlin. Here, Felix shares his take on interior design and explains why he chose Thonet furniture for his home.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I moved to Germany’s capital about six years ago, practically on a whim, and to this day I’m still incredibly glad that I did.

Berlin is an amazing city – diverse, free and multifaceted. It’s a city of endless possibilities thanks to its culture, restaurants, nightlife and unique history of separation and reunification.

Two years ago, my fiancé and I were lucky enough to find our dream apartment in our favourite area of the city. The remodelling process was rather intense and, at the same time, also a wonderful experience.

We have now been living in our lovely historic apartment for eight months, filling it with great moments and, little by little, bringing in some iconic furniture pieces from the last century.

Thonet, Homestory Felix Kruck, Jannik Schümann
Thonet, Homestory Felix Kruck, Jannik Schümann

What are your priorities when it comes to the interior design for your apartment?

For us, our apartment is a place to relax and feel at ease as well as a place to spend time with friends and family.

When it comes to the interior design, I like to make sure that how we furnish and decorate our apartment reflects our personalities as well as our needs. My style is a harmonious mix of minimalist design and the cosy charm of the historic building. Functionality and comfort are also key, since the apartment is not only a place for us to relax but also a space in which our guests should feel comfortable. We often have visitors who stay with us for a few days and we want them to feel as at home here as we are.

Where did you first encounter Thonet furniture and why did you choose the S 34 cantilever chair?

We both love classic design pieces. And, when it comes to selecting furniture, sooner or later you are bound to come across Thonet. These cantilever chairs have always been on our wish list. Their timeless elegance and distinctive tubular design made them a perfect fit for our new home. The S 32 VHT barstool was the first Thonet piece that we acquired, and it turned our kitchen island into an inviting spot.

And the S 34 cantilever chair was a long-cherished dream that we made a reality. I find it fascinating how designers from the 1920s were able to create such sustainable and yet contemporary designs that we still admire today. For me, each Thonet piece is not simply a piece of furniture but also a piece of history that we bring into our home.

We were stunned by the effect this chair had on our space and we are very pleased with the result.

Thonet, Homestory Felix Kruck, Jannik Schümann
Thonet, Homestory Felix Kruck, Jannik Schümann
Thonet, Homestory Felix Kruck, Jannik Schümann

Which Thonet pieces are still on your wish list?

Right now, we are perfectly content with the chairs we have, and they give us new joy each and every day.

Though I do have an idea in the back of my mind that could some day materialize: a desk that is not only functional but also fits us aesthetically. We have our eyes on the S 285/2 desk designed by Marcel Breuer.

I would also love to have the relaunched version of the S 179 bar trolley. It’s simply the best one out there!

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