Environmental goals achieved 2020

Reduction of water consumption
2019: 1554 m³
2020: 1296 m³

Reduction of waste
2019: 125.7 tons
2020: 87.5 tons

Reduction of energy consumption
2019: 3.269.798 kWh
2020: 2.609.843 kWh

Reduction of CO2 emissions
2019: 792.592 kg
2020: 627.829 kg
100% of electricity from renewable energy sources.
Offset 100% of the annual CO2 emissions generated by business travel by car.

Environmental goals
Environmental goals



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„walking sticks & canes”, Marialaura Irvine x Thonet at Triennale Milano
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“walking sticks & canes” - Marialaura Rossiello Irvine x Thonet at Triennale Milano

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Thonet takes silver

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