Goldmarie bistro in Germany


Thonet chairs feature in new Goldmarie bistro in Mainz, Germany

Between brick houses and towering cranes, the shimmering gold Pandion Doxx building in Mainz “Zollhafen” harbour catches the eye. Two young restaurateurs, Sandrine Hamzaoui and Louisa Marie Focking, recently opened the new Goldmarie bistro here directly on the waterfront, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering an uninterrupted view of the harbour. Their concept for the new restaurant is a combination of a café, bistro and wine bar. Guests can enjoy a selection of delicious vegan dishes and Italian delicacies or grab a quick espresso at the bar.

Equally unique are the bistro’s furnishings, selected by interior designer Lukas Nobili and inspired by the view of the water from this new harbour building. The colours used in Goldmarie range from a dark deep-sea green on the ceilings to the light mint green used for the bar and chairs.


Thonet, Goldmarie Mainz
Thonet, Goldmarie Mainz

The large, light-filled space comprising the bistro and bar area can seat up to 60 guests. At the far end of this expansive room, two steps lead up to an estrade, a raised area ending in a half rotunda with a view out over the water. Along the right-hand wall, pillars create small seating nooks and divide the space up visually. Orange stools create a striking contrast with the water colours used in the rest of the interior while also providing additional seating for guests who just want to grab a quick coffee or snack. Contemporary, minimalist chandeliers as well individual spotlights that hang from the high ceilings on long wires create a special atmosphere in this light-filled space.

The furnishings include 28 wooden chairs from Thonet, the 118 designed by Sebastian Herkner. Their mint green finish is the perfect choice for Goldmarie’s colour concept. Minimalist and honest yet elegant and sophisticated, this Thonet chair invites guests to linger. The 118 is a classic wooden piece based on the original Thonet bentwood chair, the 214. It features a seat frame bent from a single piece of wood and, in the classic version, a handmade canework seat. The chairs at Goldmarie, however, have a spruce green upholstered seat to complement their mint-green frame and echo the colour scheme of the ceiling.




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