BaseCamp Lyngby

Kongens Lyngby
Interior Design Studio Aisslinger
Photographer Nicoló Lanfranchi

BaseCamp Lyngby

Located north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, where breathtaking natural scenery meets the vibrant town of Lyngby, the BaseCamp project has been ground breaking in a myriad of ways. A community space for 900 students and doctoral students, project staff and seniors, BaseCamp Lyngby is an ultra-modern campus that features sustainable architecture and a visionary housing concept. The remarkable architectural complex, designed by the Copenhagen-based Lars Gitz Architects, was built on a generous plot close to Lyngby Lake. From this location, students can bike to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in just a few minutes and the capital of Copenhagen is also only a short train ride away. The BaseCamp apartments are the culmination of founder and CEO Armon Bar-Tur’s vision: a fusion of American campus-style living, European aesthetics and interiors that feature the best in both design and functionality – a concept that was developed in response to the lack of attractively designed apartments for students in Europe. There are now BaseCamp apartment complexes in Germany, Denmark and Poland. In order to bring BaseCamp residents closer to nature and to promote social interaction, the team from Lars Gitz Architects developed a unique, serpentine-shaped building with a rooftop terrace where residents can stretch their legs. The apartment complex winds itself around a smaller round building in the centre that serves as a multi-use meeting space. Residents and guests can take a walk on the rooftop garden and enjoy the views of the natural scenery surrounding the building as well as of the city of Lyngby itself; inside the central building at the heart of the complex they can make use of numerous common areas including a café, gym, cinema, library and workshops. 

A table you can study at – and dance on!

Table: 1140
Table: 1140

The interior concept for the Europe-wide student apartment buildings was developed right from the start by Berlin-based Studio Aisslinger as part of the corporate design identity. Studio Aisslinger, an interdisciplinary design studio, continuously adds new, surprising stories and themes to the interior design elements and furnishings. That’s what makes BaseCamp so exciting, according to Werner Aisslinger: it doesn’t simply use the same brand on repeat, it’s a living brand world that is constantly evolving.

As part of the furnishings for the fluidly designed interiors of BaseCamp Lyngby, Werner Aisslinger worked together with Thonet to design the 1140 multi-functional table. A sustainable, exceptionally stable wooden table, it was designed as a “community hub” that brings together functionality, versatility and elegant simplicity – completely in tune with the needs of its users, both in private rooms as well as common areas, such as coworking spaces and libraries. The 1140 is a simple, archetypical table which, thanks to its intelligent connecting elements, does not require a stabilising frame: the legs are attached directly to the tabletop using an innovative connector. At BaseCamp Lyngby, the 1140 tables feature connecting elements in the special colour orange. Thanks to its smart design without a stabilising frame, even chairs with armrests fit nicely under the table. In addition to their aesthetic elements, the rounded outer edges of the table legs also offer two further clear advantages: you don’t have to worry about bumping into any sharp edges, and, when four or more tables are pushed together, the rounded edges create a space for cables to be run down the middle. The 1140’s reduced raw material requirements and the fact that it is built from FSC-certified oak make it a perfect fit for the BaseCamp’s sustainability concept.

BaseCamp Lyngby
BaseCamp Lyngby
BaseCamp Lyngby




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