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Interview with BelForm on the HApato reference project

The HApato serviced apartments give long-stay guests a ‘home away from home’ feeling. Furnished with every conceivable business and domestic comfort, the serviced apartments offer a temporary place to stay in the Schwabing district of Munich. The apartments have been fitted out by BelForm, whose team was responsible for the concept, interior design and finish. Among the pieces selected by the team is the Thonet S 32 cantilever chair, a classic that lends a special touch to the homely feel of the accommodation.

How do hotel rooms and serviced apartments differ?

Benjamin Oeckl: Hotel rooms are designed for very short stays, normally just a few days. In contrast, guests can live in serviced apartments for anything from a few days up to six months. The apartments also have their own kitchen, something not offered by hotels.

Thonet, Hapato, Serviced Apartments

What does a serviced apartment design focus on that is different to a hotel room?

Benjamin Oeckl: Apartment guests want to be able to cook for themselves, as well as using their accommodation for rest and relaxation. This is accomplished by creating different zones within the apartment. This means that serviced apartments are normally somewhat larger than a traditional hotel room, which is generally designed solely for overnight accommodation. Of course, every serviced apartment will be positioned for a specific market, with a distinctive focus that has to be taken into account in the design. At the same time, guests’ needs differ depending on the length of their stay, and these must be catered for by the facilities offered throughout the apartment and in the rest of the building. BelForm believes that the best way to achieve a successful fit-out is to look at everything as a whole. When it came to the HApato conversion project, changing the accommodation from a hotel format into boutique serviced apartments, we set ourselves the objective of transforming an outmoded building into high-quality serviced apartments.

Accordingly, with HApato we put the living space at the centre of the apartment. An armchair and sidetable provide the focus, with a dining area comprising a BelForm dining table and Thonet chairs. We created a nook for the fabric-covered divan, tucked away behind a room divider we made ourselves. The sound-insulating wooden lattice walls behind the bed and a range of fabrics and floor coverings help divide the different living areas of the apartments. 

Lighting has an important role to play, too. It has to be much more versatile in serviced apartments than in hotel rooms. And cupboards and storage are essential to allow guests to stay in comfort for several months without feeling they are living out of a suitcase. 

Thonet, Hapato, Serviced Apartments

Do you select different furniture for serviced apartments compared with hotel rooms?

Benjamin Oeckl: All of the properties designed and fitted out by BelForm feature high quality fixtures and fittings – that’s a given. Guests are more concerned about the furnishings and quality of pieces in serviced apartments than in hotels because of the length of stay, and also because other services are not usually offered. We have gathered experience from fitting out many thousands of apartments, going back ten years in some cases, showing us that focusing on quality is a win-win situation for both sides. The investment pays its way quickly, in attracting tenants. And in the longer term quality has a positive effect on profitability. Our experience also tells us that guests and tenants look after high quality pieces much more carefully than lower quality furnishings.

Why did you select the Thonet S 32 cantilever chair for the HApato serviced apartments? 

Benjamin Oeckl: The Thonet brand is recognised for its high quality and design excellence, not only by our own team but also by our customers and their guests. The cantilever chair is a perfect fit for the HApato apartment design concept: timeless, high quality and contemporary all at once. Thonet’s cantilever chair is a classic that lends a special touch to the homely feel of the apartments.

Do people ask you about the pieces you use to furnish the apartments? Do you think that guests ever come to love a piece so much that they immediately want one for their own home too?

Benjamin Oeckl: Yes, every now and then our customers send us inquiries from residents and guests asking about the furniture in their accommodation. After all, if you live somewhere for half the year and it feels like home, it’s bound to inspire you when it comes to furnishing a place of your own.

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