Thonet in the children's room

Thonet in the children's room

Thonet began making children’s furniture back in 1860 and the company’s brochures from 1885 show an entire furniture collection sized to fit children. With the relaunch of the S 43 K children’s chair, Studio Besau Marguerre added a new dash of colour: from amber yellow and ruby red, to coral agate, cobalt blue and emerald green. There’s something for everyone.

One of these children’s cantilever chairs is also featured in the home of Katrin Engel, the founder of the creative studio nicenicenice (Instagram: @nicenicenice). You chose the colour coral agate for your son’s room. Why did you choose this colour and what do you like about it in particular?

I find that a muted pink goes with almost anything. It creates a serene contrast, especially when combined with bolder colours. Muted pink looks good with blue or yellow and also next to red. It can be used together with other muted colours such as beige or cream hues, but also – as in our case – with bolder colours.

What makes a good children’s chair, in your opinion?

First and foremost, of course, it should be comfortable and support proper posture. But it should also be lightweight, so that a kid can move it around easily. I also prefer models without armrests. They make it easy to stand up and they are more flexible when it comes to how you sit on them because they don’t necessarily have to be in exactly the right position when you sit down.

Thonet in the children's room
Thonet, Kinderzimmer

The S 43 K has been used in your house for quite some time. Have you enjoyed having this design for children in your home? How has it been used in your daily activities with your son?

In our house, the chair is at my son’s desk and gets used every single day. We use it for colouring and doing crafts. Sometimes it also gets used for making a fort. I think it’s a lovely piece of furniture to have in a child’s room and it can also be pushed under the desk to save space. 

Your entire apartment is decorated in bold colours. How would you describe your decorating style?

In terms of colour: white with small colourful accents. I love spaces that are bright and calm, but they should also have a cosy warmth about them. I prefer to work with colourful elements that can be swapped around. In the kitchen we have an S 43 in mustard yellow and a 330 in mint green.

Which models are still on your Thonet wish list?

I would love to have a 209 in lemon yellow. Or lilac would also be lovely ...

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