Tanqueray x Thonet

Tanqueray x Thonet

A distinctive collaboration in the footsteps of the iconic hosting experience

Since 1819, we at Thonet have been shaping gathering spaces around the world with first-class furniture and creating design classics made of bentwood or tubular steel that have endured for decades thanks to our everlasting commitment to quality. 

With our long history spanning over 200 years, we place great emphasis on tradition – while giving zeitgeist and innovation an equally crucial role. From the very beginning, our designers have broken with the rules and norms of the time and shaped the history of modern furniture.

That’s why we at Thonet were unanimous when the renowned gin virtuosos from Tanqueray approached us with a request for collaboration: a joint project that would do justice to precisely this claim.  

Because Tanqueray, a company with a tradition dating back to 1830, also focuses on value and coherence with the same drive for perfection. Charles Tanqueray spent years developing a recipe that features a unique combination of balanced botanicals and timeless design. Since then, these multiple award-winning gins have been delivering unmistakable taste worldwide.  

The basis for the collaboration between Thonet and Tanqueray was thus born – and the right piece of furniture was quickly found: the S 179 bar trolley with elegant tubular steel frame. It combines the passion of both companies to enable experiences and discourse with style and in the best of company.

Tanqueray x Thonet© Tanqueray x Thonet at AD New Perspectives
Tanqueray x Thonet© Tanqueray x Thonet at AD New Perspectives
Tanqueray x Thonet

The renowned product designer Sebastian Herkner was commissioned to create a special edition based on the original designs from the 1930s attributed to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

The result is a classic piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways and perfectly reflects contemporary design language. This limited special edition takes its design cues from the Tanqueray bottle itself: the upper surface of the trolley made of fluted glass in London Green, the iconic red seal stamp on the handles, and many other details complement the chrome frame of the original.

Sebastian Herkner

"During the development process of the new S 179, it was very clear to me: The soul of the classic must be preserved. And yet this is about the creation of a bar trolley that is made for today. The combination of tradition and innovation often creates the most timeless furniture. The biggest challenge is to bridge the gap without losing either aspect."

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Tanqueray x Thonet

Bar trolley S 179:

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