Home tour, Villa Wow

Home tour with Villa Wow

Interview with Nina Tekampe from villa_wow_

Tell us a little about yourself…

Hi, my name is Nina Tekampe and this past July I moved together with my small family into our dream house in the region of Münsterland, in northern Germany. Built in 1969, the house was a rare find that we completely refurbished.

As a designer, I am self-employed: I design furniture and am also an interior designer, working on projects large and small. I love having a creative job and I really enjoyed letting my creativity run wild as we renovated and decorated our new home. Now that the process is complete, we actually get to live in the home of our dreams, and I love sharing it with my Instagram followers. My villa_wow_ account has grown into an inspiring community that gets a little bigger every day. It’s a great feeling.

When I was planning and designing our house, it was very important to me that, in the end, it was still a house with character, one that combined my love of detail and design with functionality. We carefully planned every nook and deliberately chose each piece of furniture. The result is a living space that is practically custom-made and perfectly fits our daily routine and needs.

Villa Wow, S 64
Villa Wow, 118 H, S 64
Villa Wow, 233 P

In terms of sustainability, what do you think about when it comes to the interior design of your own house?

For me, it’s important not to follow every trend. I love taking high-quality design classics and putting a new, modern spin on them. When choosing furniture, I steer clear of “throwaway” pieces. I think that furniture, like a good friendship, is something that should last a lifetime. Then, of course, it’s even more important that the furniture’s materials and craftsmanship are of the highest quality.

Your house already features the S 64 cantilever chair as well as the 118 barstool. Why did you opt for the 233 bentwood chair for your dining room?

I chose the 233 bentwood chair because it’s a true classic and because it looks perfect alongside the S 64 and the 118 barstool. Plus, it has so many beautiful details and the craftsmanship is superb! The design has been around since 1900 and it will definitely still be here for at least another 100 years. Some designs just never go out of style ‒ they are timeless, durable and high quality. And the 233 bentwood chair is also extremely comfortable. Ultimately, I want guests that join us at the dining table to feel at home here.

Villa Wow

Which Thonet pieces are still on your wish list and what is your next home project?

I can say with certainty that my next project is the side of the living room where we have our couch. The walls here are very bare, the coffee table doesn’t exactly fit my style anymore and it would be great to have a bit more light. That’s why I don’t often post pictures of this side of the room on Instagram. I think the B 20 coffee table or the B 9 sidetable set would look great here. And the LUM 125 floor lamp would also be lovely. As you can see, I’m already making plans. If you want to see how the living space turns out, check out my Instagram account.

© Photos: Nina Tekampe


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