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Eva Marguerre (born 1983) and Marcel Besau (born 1980) both studied product design as well as exhibition and graphic design. In 2011, they founded their design studio Besau Marguerre in Hamburg. They describe their studio in the district of Eimsbüttel as a melting pot of different design disciplines where the most diverse projects from the fields of product design, interior design, styling and visual communication are realised. Their design activities focus on questions such as “How do we experience objects? How do we interact with them? In what way do we use products and how will we remember them later?”

In addition to form and function, colour and materials play an important role in their projects, but the design duo always keeps an eye on the context. Their common interdisciplinary design approach generates extraordinary ideas and results in objects that often unite an experimental use of unusual materials with a striking colour design. The predominant goal of the two designers is to evoke emotions and sensual experiences, with the creation of prototypes and use of digital design tools being self-evident elements of the design process. The client portfolio of Besau Marguerre includes renowned design labels such as artek, e15, Vitra and authentics.   


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