Café Bellaria

World culture in Vienna: Café Bellaria

Thonet bentwood classics create fresh colour accents in the newly renovated coffee house

Café Bellaria has served as a meeting place for writers, card players and coffee connoisseurs from many different walks of life – art, culture, business and politics – since 1870. This makes it the oldest continuously running coffee house in Vienna. The interior design firm BÜRO KLK has taken this light, airy space in its fin de siècle building on Bellariastrasse and renovated it with great care, giving the coffee house a modern feel without compromising any of its heritage. It now features a monolithic lava-stone counter and a striking, curved light sculpture, but it’s the iconic 209 and 214 bentwood chairs by Thonet in a rich coral red that really breathe new life into the space.

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