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Thonet furniture features throughout the new Triodos Bank offices

Fusion of culture, nature and economy: Thonet furniture features throughout the new Triodos Bank offices in Driebergen-Zeist (NL)

The futuristic new office building of the sustainably operating Triodos Bank in the Netherlands is an impressive marriage of eco-conscious architecture and modern working practices. A team drawn from RAU Architekten and interior architects at Ex Interiors worked closely with the project designer Gispen and the bank’s own staff to achieve this cohesive vision. The result is a unique, energy-neutral building on the large De Reehorst estate in Driebergen that sits in harmony with nature and which focuses on enhancing communication and bringing people together. The new flagship building, which observes all the principles of the circular economy in construction, is designed to nestle organically within its landscape of greenery.

Much of the furniture selected for the interior is drawn from the renowned Thonet portfolio, with its 200-year track record of designing for the meeting, socialising, working and living spaces of our lives, specifications that further emphasise the ‘communicative’ character of the new Triodos offices. More than 130 of Thonet’s classic pieces in bentwood and tubular steel furnish the working and mingling spaces, a choice in keeping with the architect’s environmental approach and preference for natural materials. The result is a perfect meeting of eco-friendly construction and sustainable furniture.

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