System 1500

Conference table system 1500

Created by designer Wolfgang C.R. Mezger, the 1500 table system can be used for meetings of any size and, thanks to its flexible dimensions and numerous variations, can be adapted to different room layouts and group sizes. The system’s large selection of individual modules can be combined to create linear as well as U and V-shaped table systems in various radii. Custom-designed conference tables are also available.

The table systems require only a few pairs of legs and thus fit subtly and elegantly into any room. Modular traverses characterise the table system and give the impression that the tabletop is floating over its legs, which taper slightly towards each other. Thanks to these stable traverses that run underneath the tabletop, even long tables only require a few pairs of legs. A smart cable management system runs wires from the ground up through the table legs into customisable media boxes, which are discreetly integrated into the table.

The 1500 system is based on Thonet’s successful and aesthetically pleasing 1500 table range, which is available in two different heights. This makes it the perfect solution when office workers want to be able to switch between sitting and standing, a frequent requirement in today’s workplaces.

Table 1500

Table system 1500



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